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To listen to part one, head over to episode 85 of the Expanding Reality podcast here!


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Joining in the Synchro-mystic Exploration of the Ever Expanding Now.  


We discussed the goal of his podcast, the magic of landscape, and he filled us in on a transformational technique called the shower portal.

Brandon Thomas is the host of Expanding Reality Podcast . He's my guest on today's episode of The Happy Head Podcast.


The Expanding Reality Podcast is dedicated to gaining new insight and perspective on the nature of reality in an ever expanding universe, one conversation at a time.


Brandon is a seeker of mysteries driven by the concept of reality itself.  A lover of Wisdom and a thirst for knowledge of the unknown.

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With Tim Howe
and Tianna Roser

What is reality? How often do you put your reality to the test? This week we have a really fun conversation with Brandon Thomas, creator and host of the Expanding Reality Podcast. Brandon is a deep thinker and true consciousness explorer. He loves pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and just remaining open, without limiting himself to one way of seeing things.  

Some of the topics we explore:

  • What is the Mandela effect?

  • Are there multiple timelines, and is it possible we’ve slipped timelines without realizing it?

  • What is quantum immortality?

  • Brandon describes his very cool manifestation experiences with the “Shower Portal.”

  • Is this world a simulation? How would it change your experience if you saw the world in this way?

  • What happened that time Brandon did 14 grams of mushrooms?

  • Although it can seem frightening to some, being willing to entertain all possibilities about reality without being invested in a particular model is actually empowering.

  • Does consensus reality truly exist?

  • During these destabilizing times, remember, “Whenever you deconstruct, you reconstruct.”

  • Brandon shares the story of his first ayahuasca experience.

  • Quoting Gordon White: “Response to the crisis is part of the crisis.”

  • “Your attention is your currency, and that’s all you’ve got.” If you don’t like the way things are looking or the negative possibilities, just don’t contribute energy into the system.



Brandon Thomas

- Episode 16 -

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Brandon from Expanding reality and I discuss 5D consciousness, D.U.M.B.S, and the role of perspectives in our lives. 


Your perspective plays a huge role, what if you could change your perspective or gain a higher one? perhaps a perspective of love and understanding?!

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